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The Official Guide to Railroad Dining Car China

by Doug W. McIntyre

This hardback reprint is just like the original and is
nearly out-of-print. We have very few copies left.
This reference has over 600 North American
railroad china patterns with nearly 300 shown
in full color.


Dining on Rails

by Richard Luckin

This reference has hundreds of pictures of china
from Railroad, Traction Lines, Railroad
Restaurants, Steamship, and numerous other
commercial patterns. This outstanding reference
has over 400 pages with more than 50 pages of
color pictures.


ButterPat World

by Richard Luckin - Copyright 1995

This out-of-print hardcover is 256 pages. This
book covers transportation china including
some 600 railroad, ship, and airline patterns with
a comprehensive 22-page index. This excellent
reference book concentrates on butter pats and has
information on reproduction and fantasy transportation china.


Santa Fe & California Poppy China Patterns

by Richard Luckin - First Edition 2002

This 21-page, color softcover presents many
pictures of the California Poppy China patterns.
This great reference presents the history,
manufacturers, and shapes of the china with pictures
of all shapes.

$30.00 SOLD OUT

Silver at your Service

by Arthur L. Domny and Rudolph A. Morgenfruh

This limited edition book is a collector’s guide to
railroad dining car flatware patterns. All copies
are signed and numbered.


Railroad Names

by William D. Edson

This 179-page hardcover is a directory of Common
Carrier Railroads operating in the United States from
1826-1997. This reference contains information on
almost 7,300 individual railroads.


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railroad Lighting: Volume I – The Railroad Lantern

by Richard Barrett

This 389-page hardcover comprehensively investigates
and discusses railroad lanterns with hundreds of
pictures and drawings.

$110.00 SOLD OUT

Railroads of North America

compiled by Joe Gross - new expanded third edition

This 272-page alphabetical listing of railroad names
includes the supplement. Newly added sections include
railroad slogans, monikers, and private railroads.


Santa Fe: The Chief Way

by Robert Strein

This 131-page book has hundreds of color pictures
showing streamlined travel on the Santa Fe. It also
shows how the Santa Fe used the landscapes and
Indian culture of the American Southwest to promote
travel on its trains. There are many color pictures
of Santa Fe posters, travel brochures, menus,
timetables, and numerous other artifacts.


The Great Book of Railroad Playing Cards

compiled by Phil Bollhagen

This new softcover is the fourth edition, circa 2003,
of the railroad playing card value guide.
It features 185 rail lines with over 1200 photos,
listing all known color variations, added aces,
jokers, and special cases. This book is 154 pages.


The Trolley and Interurban Directory

by Joseph Gross

This 200-page hardcover lists the individual companies
alphabetically by state. Supplement Number 1
from 1995 is included with this book.


Speedway to Sunshine: The Story of the Florida East Coast Railway

by Seth H. Bramson

This 347-page new edition has hundreds of
photographs and several pages of color photographs.
This is an excellent book on the history of this famous
Florida railroad.


Georgia & Florida Railroad Album

Hardcover edition by A. M. Langley, Jr.

This book has 56 pages with 125 b/w photos. This
book summarizes G & F’s history through photos,
maps, and charts, including timetables and the
all-time steam and diesel locomotive rosters.